Americas '03

Motorcross Boots
A must for off road riding. I now know of several people who have shattered ankles when crashing in trainers and hiking boots. They are also the best protection against ankle biters.


Digital Camera
Buying, developing and storing film is a pain, expensive and hugely variable quality. I have been told that old or dodgy processing chemicals will seriously affect the life of my transparencies.


Carbon Fibre Tent Poles
Custom made so they fit flat in the boxes rather than diagonally as now. Saves weight.


2002 LC4 Engine
Oil sight glass makes checking oil level very easy.
Hydraulic clutch.
Front Mudguard
Replace the wing with a smaller one closer to the tyre.
Metal Handguard Innner Clamps
Ensure the inner clamp grips the bars tightly. Mine were too loose but cooroded so I couldn't tighten them. On every fall the guard can therefore move inwards and stop the brake or clutch lever working. I then have to take it off and bend it back.
Original Bashplate
The big one is a pain to replace after each oil service.
Pannier frames
Move them about 30cm forward so the centre of the boxes is in front of rather than behind the rear axle for better weight distribution. If I use them again.
Redesign so that spare tyres can be fitted around them, one each side, just as with the original factory cases.
Soft Luggage
Still undecided about this one but the biggest risk is catching a leg under a box when dabbing the ground to keep the bike upright. Boxes are more secure but more risky in a fall. The smaller frames for soft luggage also save weight.
Only one to save weight.

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