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It started to snow on the road climbing north out of Dunedin.

After a few more bends the traffic ground to a halt as we queued to get past a car that had slid into a ditch and partially blocked the road.

I asked the driver of a 4x4 how far to go before we got to the pass. If it was more than a hundred metres or so I’d have to turn back.

‘You’re nearly there. It’s only a few more corners’.

He was wearing a t shirt, the bastard.

‘I bet you’re nice and warm in there?’.

‘Yes thanks. Are you having fun?’.

‘Oh yes, I love riding a fully laden bike on road tyres in the snow. Any room in there for my bike?’

‘Don’t worry, you’ll laugh about this afterwards’.

The traffic inched forward and I surprisingly managed to stay upright the whole time.

The clouds were flying past very quickly. Ten minutes later I was pounded by hail, a few of which hurt when they hit my arms.

A brief lull and then more snow.

I stopped at the next petrol station to thaw out and get a hot drink.
I noticed the cashier was staring at my chest.

‘Perhaps I was looking rather manly today?’

After warming up a bit I went off to the loo.

I realised why she had been staring at me when I went to the loo.

I had ice encrusted all over my chest.


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