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I first noticed it several months ago.

While I was shaving I thought I saw a grey hair.

It didn't take me long to realise that it was alone, clearly a trick of my imagination. Once I got back home I'd see it was just an illusion.

I forgot to check when I went back home for Christmas and I didn't get my haircut at in England because it was far too expensive.

I went for another quick trim in Auckland yesterday. NZ$20 seemed a bit steep and I eventually found one for $17.

I casually asked Dawn how much grey hair I had.

She was supposed so say:

‘They all ask that. It's a trick of the southern hemisphere light you know. Don't worry, it'll be fine when you get home.'

But she didn't.

What she said was:

‘About twenty percent'.


‘What do I do now?'

‘Reach for the bottle?'

But clearly a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc a day aren't working, so maybe I need to up the dosage.

However, not matter how bad things seem to be, there's always something good that happens.

Perhaps my new, more mature and responsible look will make me seem more ‘expert' and therefore more employable?

This would be a great bonus if it actually helped me a get a job.

Last week I hit the phones as I contacted as many agencies and prospective employers I could think of.

So what's a little grey hair when there is cash at stake?

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