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Me ATM Card
Get two. I only have one. If I loose it I'm buggered (and I was as cash from credit cards is very expensive).

Open another bank account at your main branch and ask for another ATM card to keep as a spare. Set up automatic transfers.
Get them all at home.

I assumed malarial prophylatics would be cheaper in the USA. I was very wrong.
Bike Inspection
Wash the bike thoroughly and inspect all areas of the bike carefully looking for missing or broken parts.

The mechanic removed my rear wheel and fitted the new tyre.

As I was looking at it I noticed a big dent at the top of the rim. As I rotated the wheel I saw a crack in the rim. It was about 8cm long and ran through two spokes. After cleaning the rim Ifound nine other cracks at the base of every single front leaning spoke on the right hand side.
Don't let anyone else work on my bike.

Wily at KTM Cuenca messed up my wheels by overtightening the spokes. $40 to get professionally fixed.

He also over tightened the triple clamp bolts leading to the failure of the top clamp.
Fit long distance tyres before you leave.

I assumed they'd be easy to get and cheaper in the USA. Wrong and right.

The KTM has an 18 inch rear wheel. There is only one long distance tyre, a Pirelli MT90 140/80. I couldn't get one in the USA in two weeks.

It was pure luck I brought one with me as a spare.
Both Preparation
Don't leave home until it's all done.

Three months is not quite long enough for me and a new bike.


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