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Bike Airfreight Timing
Don't leave before the bike.

I left Nairobi two hours before my bike. We were to meet again in Rome. When I got to Rome my bike wasn't there. The local agent knew nothing of my shipment. The Airwaybill didn't register at all.

The African Manager, knowing I'd already left, had decided he wanted a bribe so he stopped my bike leaving. When my cousing contacted him he said I'd been quoted the wrong rate and that it had now doubled.

It took three days to arrange for it to be shipped by another airline and I ended up sending it directly to Heathrow.
Me Motocross Boots
A must for off road riding. I now know of several people who have shattered ankles when crashing in trainers and hiking boots. They are also the best protection against ankle biters.
Camera Digital Camera
Buying, developing and storing film is a pain, expensive and of hugely variable quality. I have been told that old or dodgy processing chemicals will also seriously affect the life of my transparencies.
Camping Carbon Fibre Tent Poles
Custom made so they fit flat in the boxes rather than diagonally as now. Saves a tiny amount of weight.


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