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I am so short sighted I have to put my glasses on even before I get out of bed.

My second event of the day is to take a hot shower. As usual I started the hot tap to get it up to temperature before getting in. I put my towel on the rail and tested it.


I put my glasses on the soap shelf beside the taps and stepped in.

I love the feeling of hot water flowing over my skin. I can lie in a bath for hours just absorbing the warmth but can only stay a long time in a shower if I can sit down.

Today I had loads of things to do so didn't remain too long. I turned the water off and, in my haste to get going, I whipped the towel off the rail.

Unfortunately, I did it a little too hard and as it sped towards me I heard a little metallic click swiftly followed by a splash.

'Oh shit'.

I hoped for the best but feared for the worst.

I bent down and peered into the loo bowl.

There was definitely something sitting in the bottom.

Luckily, I had just flushed it before getting into the shower so it wasn't one of those.

It was my glasses. I thought back to Caline's similar tale of woe with her phone and found a pair of surgical gloves I use to service the bike. I put them on and fished out my glasses.

My spare pair were buried in the bottom of one of my panniers in my motorbike outside. I'd have to wash these sooner or later so just decided to get on with it.

The water form the shower was very hot so I held them under it for a few minutes and then dried them thoroughly.

I can see clearly now the pooh has gone.

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