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I was on my way to Mexico City to see the pyramids at Teotihuacan.

I needed some cash so I was planning to go to the ATM machine before I left Valle. I got out my wallet to put my passport, driving licence and visa cards into the inside pocket of my jacket. I’d remembered something from my ‘lost wallet in Texas’ experience.

Passport, credit card, hmm – where’s my ATM card?

I couldn’t find it. I checked the panniers where I keep my wallet when I’m not using it. It was nowhere to be seen. I checked all my pockets and emptied both panniers completely to make sure it hadn’t slipped out.

Then a nasty thought occurred.

The last time I used it was getting cash from the ATM machine a few days ago. Perhaps I had just taken the cash and receipt and left my card sticking out of the machine?

'Oh Shit. What a plonker'.

Unfortunately, this is completely normal behaviour for me. However, I’m sure it’s genetic and not really my fault at all.

I checked to see if I had the PIN number for my credit card but I didn’t. However, I did have it for my other card so I took that with me. At least I’d still be able to get cash and still go to Mexico City.

I checked my panniers and pockets again just in case and went off to the bank. When I got there I gave the receipt to the cashier. Lluckily he spoke good English and I explained what I thought may have happened. I gave him my passport to prove who I was and he promptly disappeared.

He came back a few minutes later but he wasn’t smiling. As he returned to his counter he gave me back my passport. He then held up a small grey card.


The person behind me in the queue must have handed it in. This may be a first in Mexico as everyone I’ve told the story to so far can’t believe it was actually handed in.

Shortly afterwards I was wondering whether I should really be allowed out on my own.

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