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1 Scotts Steering Damper It has saved me from crashing at speed countless times.
The biggest was when I was torpedoed by a kangaroo in Oz .
If I could only have one toy I'd junk everything else and keep this..
2 Fruity Exhaust People hear me coming and hardly ever try and cross the road in front of me without looking.
This is not the case with quiet exhausts.
3 HID Lights I never intend to ride at night but if I do I feel much safer with these.
I have two for when one stops working. (I am on my fourth and fifth units).
4 Horns Air horn and electric horn for recalcitrant vehicles and pedestrians.
I have two for when one stops working.
1 Ear Plugs Custom made with wind noise filters to protect my ears from tinnitus which I got after my second trip when using a motorcross helmet.
1 Garmin GPS V - Knowing I'm heading in the right direction and possibly on the right road.
- Navigating in and out of cities and finding my hotel again, especially in the dark.
2 Touratech IMO Hours of amusement from the ten screens.
- Distance countdown - will it be dark before I get there?
- Km/litre on every tank.
3 Spa Design Temp Gauge Outside Air Temp - Is it really that hot/cold?
Water Temp - To make sure the fans are working when it gets hot.
1 Sheepskin seat Delays numb bum from 1 to 2.5 hours.
2 Heated Grips Keeps pinkies warm.
1 Lockable Top Box Keeps laptop, cameras and shopping safe.
2 3 Metre Steel Cable Secures spare tyres to Fred or Fred to something else.
1 Motocross Boots Have saved my ankles and lower legs from getting squashed many times when I fall off.
2 Deer/Roo Alerts Two dog whistle type things that emit inaudible frequencies to stop animals crossing the road in front of me.
1 Cell Phone For ordering spare parts, txting friends.
I buy a new SIM card whenever I need to use it.
2 Old Rim Tapes For tying things on to Fred.
They never go loose.
3 Solar Calculator For quick exchange rate deals.

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