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Africa '02
Americas '03
RTW '05
Tyres I started with Pirelli Scorpion A/T's - the rear lasted 15,000 road km. Then switched to MT21's for the dirt. Same again. See 'Tyres Used'.
Rims I was going to change the back from an 18 to 17 inch for longer life tyres a wider selection of offroad tyres but didn't.

Any tyre can be hard to find anywhere and it avoided more costs.

Left at standard 18".


Still in use.
Bridgestone Ultra h/d tubes The strongest available. Same again. Still in use.
Inner tubes Filled with Slime Same again. Still in use.
Valve caps Changed to ones with valve core removers so valves can be easily removed. Saw some colour coded valve caps so a pressure check is a quick visual rather than manual process. Still in use.
Balance wheels Yes. Same again. -

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