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Africa '02
Americas '03
RTW '05
Touratech Pannier Frames Standard stuff. Rear cross brace broke off at one of the welds. Strengthened by connecting the rear brace upwards to the frame. Still in use.
Hard Luggage
Touratech panniersStandard stuff.

Lid closures wear until they fly off so keep them locked.
And again. Locks replaced by heavier duty ones.
Discarded in Oz.
Soft Luggage - - Andy Strapz Expedition Pannierz.
Touratech top box Foam lined. For pc and other bits. Perfect for shopping trips when the side boxes have been removed. Same again.Locks replaced by heavier duty ones. Perfect for shopping.
Still in use.
Touratech Enduro Tank bag Used purely as a camera bag for easy access. Same again. Still in use.
Bash plate with two tool boxes Very strong, keeps all the weight low down. A pain to replace after services. Same again. Protects the gear and brake levers on falls. I carried a spare gear lever four eight months. I dropped the bike outside my flat in London when I'd taken the bashplate off. It bent the gear lever.
Still in use.
Tyre lever tube mounted onto bash plate Tyre levers, spare spokes, 'T' allen bar for the rocker covers. Same again. Still in use.

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