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Most of this work was carried out by Ernie at Overland-Solutions.com. I'd strongly recommend him.

Africa '02
Americas '03
RTW '05
Front mudguard Started with the air horns mounted to it but they fell off after the first dirt road. Below shows the low 950 one installed.
Changed to one from the 950. Ernie fabricated the bracket.

The low mudguard also increases air flow to the radiators.
Still is use.
Side stand Fitted to existing sidestand mount. There is no sidestand mount.Welded on Dual Star tab and fitted old sidestand.
Still is use.
Plate welded on the bottom of the side stand As big as possible but not so that it wears a hole in the left pannier. Used old sidestand. Still is use.
Finished sidestand frame weld This is a weak point. The weld is only partially completed. Professionally welded. Still is use.
Plastic headlight guard Cut a sheet of heavy plastic to fit.
It kept cracking.
Now discarded.
Frame Guards Aluminium frame protectors. Same again.
Still is use.
Tool box under seat Removed it as there is no lock and when the rubber perishes the tools fall out. Same again. Put two air horn compressors in the same space.  
Fitted helmet lock For some reason there was no factory fitted helmet lock. Same again. Still is use.
Touratech frame top bolts changed from 5mm to 6mm Originals are too small. Same again. -
Lower wider seat It took three goes to get it right. The Seat Man in London - Lee (on 07977 874 075) was right first time. Going with new, wider and lower standard seat. -
Sheepskin seat cover Essential for comfort, doubles as a pillow. Same again. Still is use.
Bracket for 1L engine and air filter oil Avoids oil leaking in the panniers. Same again.
Still is use.
Locktite + paint all bolts A blob on the top of each bolt quickly shows whether they are turning. Same again. -
Paint all bright work matt black To make the bike look old and less desirable. Same again.
All black.
Spare tyre rack bolted to rear of the bike Until some one stole the stainless steel bracket and tore holes in the top box. Same again.
Still is use.
Small flexible number plate It won't snap off in a fall. Same again and it no doubt has a small aerodynamic benefit as well. Still is use.

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