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Africa '02
Americas '03
RTW '05
Fairing Lip Standard on 2000 model. The 'lip' was deleted on the new design. The old one was better.
Bought at KTM Joburg, SA.
- Now removed. It stopped wind blast on head and shoulders but increased the wind noise exacerbating my tinitus.
Cockpit Standard. Touratech cockpit modified to take the IMO and GPS mount.
Still in use.
Touratech GPS mount Invaluable. Easy exit from cities when you loose your sense of direction from one way streets etc. Take the batteries out or they get turned into dust from the vibrations. The perspex aerial holder breaks. Replaced by one made from lino. Same again, mounted as high as possible. Still in use.
IMO 300

A great toy.

Nine screens instead of two:

1 - Current speed, revs and date,
2 - Total distance, average speed, drive and stop times,
3 - Daily distance, average speed, drive and stop times,
4 - Logs distances every day for a year,
5 - Max Speed and when,
6 - Tank range and km per litre,
7 - Set the distance required and it calculates hours to go and ETA,
8 - Outside temperature: current, max and min,
9 - Water temperature and voltage.

Still in use.

Click here to see the screens.
Warning lamps Standard ones used. Touratech IMO Sport Control Lamp Kit as all the lights are in the new speedo unit. Still in use.

Rallye cockpit frame

For mounting GPS and air horn compresssor. It didn't fit. I used the Touratech cockpit instead. Still in use.
Air and water temperature gauge - Fitted SPA Design digital gauge so I know the engine has warmed up properly before using higher engine revs. Configured to display the ambient and water tempertaures.

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