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I have never done so many Km on a bike before so all sorts of things are wearing out.

This is what I should have:

Done at 0 km
Replaced the rear mainspring.
- The original 260/70 was replaced by a 260/75.

Done every 20,000 km
Greased the steering head bearings - the heat from the oil in the frame helps the grease melt away.
Checked the chain top roller underneath the rear brake reservoir.
(Three have fallen off so far even though they were loctited).
Replaced every 40,000 km
Inlet rocker arm.
(before the cam follower bearing disintegrates leading to valve wear).
- needle, main jet and emulsifier tube.
- plastic slider and housing
Exhaust packing on Akrapovic and DAM
Rear suspension.
- Bushing at the bottom of the shock with the grease nipple.
- Roller bearings and rod through the frame.

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