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I have done a major preventative maintenance session prior to heading north up Africa:
Inlet rocker arm Replaced it at 70,000 km (before the cam follower bearing disintegrates leading to valve wear).
Front forks and rear shock Replaced all the wear parts. It was truly knackered after 70,000km. There was an amazing difference afterwards.
Exhaust system

Swapped Akrapovic for OEM and DAM silencer.
- Akra downpipes were rubbing against each other.
- Now it's quieter, more km/litre and more robust.

Wheel bearings Replaced front and rear ones.
Chain and sprockets There was still some wear left but I replaced them with Chaingang.com hardened steel sprockets to last all the way home.
New Tyres - Fitted MT90's front and rear even though the rear was only half worn.
- Carrying new front and rear Deserts for Tanzanian and Kenyan dirt roads. They are very expensive in Nairobi.
I hope to be able to get to Europe on these two sets.
Swing arm bearings Checked.
Steering head bearings Checked and greased.
Service Serviced early to get to Nairobi.

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