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Faults from standard items:
53 May Rear subframe bolt sheared 97,000 Overtightening and wear and tear. Replaced all 4 bolts.
52 May Worn front wheelbearing 94,000 Front wheel subject of KTM recall. Only 1,000 km to Sommer's and a new wheel.
51 May 1 broken front spoke 94,000 Front wheel subject of KTM recall. Replaced spoke, new wheel to be fitted at Sommers next week.
50 Mar Cracked tool box weld 84,000 Vibration Not a structural item. Left as is.
49 Mar Starter failed 84,000 Corrugations Reconnected broken wire.
48 Feb Rear shock - shaft was bent. 82,000 20km at very slow speed on collapsed suspension. replace with secondhand shock
47 Feb Chain damper- I threaded lower engine bolt. 82,000 My fault. Helicoiled thread.
46 Feb Rear hub - bearing broken by mechanic when removing it and hub damaged. 82,000 Bad training and excessive force. New hub - the alternativ was for the dealer to butcher a new one to remove the parts I needed..
45 Feb Rear wheel bearing 82,000 Missing disc side spacer. Replaced both bearings.
44 Feb Steering head bearings 82,000 Wear and tear. Replaced.
43 Dec Clutch dragging 78,000 Worn out clutch master cylinder New clutch master and slave cylinders.
42 Broken rivet head in main clutch basket New clutch basket.
41 Dec One rear wheel bearing knackered. 76,000 Missing wheel spacer. Renewed both bearings.
40 Dec Engine lost all compression 75,000 No idea, presumably damaged when the inlet rocker arm was changed New piston rings.
39 Dec Front brake keeps loosing feel by going soft. 75,000 Wrong DOT used in Argentina Fitted master cylinder kit
38 Dec 1 broken front spoke 75,000 Front wheel subject of KTM recall. Replaced spoke, new wheel ordered forward for Nairobi.
37 Dec Front wheel bearing knackered. 75,000 Wrong seals fitted front and rear. Replaced with correct sized seals.
36 Dec Cush drive rubbers 75,000 All knackered Replaced them all.
35 Dec Carburettor main jet 75,000 160 fitted in Joburg at 1,500 metres Changed to 157.5 at sea level as recommended by Sommer's.
34 Sep Chain and sprockets 73,000 Preventative maintenance. Replaced half worn ones to avoid problems in Africa.
33 Sep Inlet rocker arm. 73,000 Preventative maintenance. Life span is only 40,000 km Replaced inlet rocker arm to avoid problems in Africa.
32 Aug Front forks and rear shock 70,000 Wear and tear. Replaced all wear parts.
31 Aug Rear Suspension Roller Bearings 70,000 Lack of grease. Pressure washing. Replaced roller bearings and shaft.
30 June Oil leak.
- Gearbox output shaft seal
70,000 Poor work - Others.
Probably installed dry during the rebuild.
Replaced 'O' ring and seal.
29 June Rear suspension bushing worn. 70,000 Wear and tear. Replaced bushing.
28 May Clutch leaking 65,000 Wear and tear. Fitted overhaul kits to master and slave cylinders.
27 May 1 broken front spoke 65,000 Poor work - others.
Overtightened front spokes weakened them all.
Replaced all spokes, rim also dented so new rim.
26 May Engine -
felt slow & wouldn't run cleanly
63,000 Vibration.
Dirty & worn emulsion tube.
New emulsion tube & clean carburettor
25 Apr 3 broken front spokes 58,000 Poor work - others.
See May 05 above.
Replaced spokes, trued wheel.
24 Mar Engine -
Dry bearing noise at less than engine speed.
53,000 My paranoia.
Originally thought to be dodgy gearbox bearing.
Replaced all gearbox bearings.
23 Mar Engine -
Large split in the gaiter between the carb and airbox
53,000 Poor work - others.
Overtightened jubilee clamp.
Mended with rubber tape then replaced with a new one.
Fit a new piston.
I now know I should have fitted a new barrel at the same time.
22 Mar Front forks very stiff 53,000 Poor work - others.
Forks overfilled with 600cc instead of 420cc of oil in Sao Paulo .
Disassemble, clean & refill with 420 cc.
21 Mar Engine -
Dry bearing noise at less than engine speed.
53,000 Wear and tear.
Cam chain tensioner not extending through lack of oil.
New camchain tensioner.
20 Mar Steering head bearings worn 53,000 Wear and tear. Renewed bearings.
19 Mar Front wheel bearings. 53,000 Wear and tear.
Stress from weight and sustained high speeds.
Replaced for the second time.
The 2004 model has bigger fron wheel bearings.
18 Feb Clutch still slipping. 50,000 Cleaning didn't fix the problem. Replaced all clutch plates.
17 Nov Engine -
Clutch was slipping
49,000 Poor work - Me
I used synthetic car oil in error.
Changed oil.
Clutch plates cleaned and abraded.
16 Oct Rear wheel rim was cracked in ten places 41,000 Poor work - others.
Overtightened spokes when it was relaced in Cuenca, Ecuador.
New Excel rim.
15 Oct Rear suspension Bushing Cracked 40,500 Wear and tear. Replaced.
14 Oct Engine - inlet gaps increased again. 40,500 Engine design fault.
Seized bearing on the inlet rocker arm.
Replaced rocker arms and camshaft.
13 Sep Engine - Gearbox output shaft seal. There was orange dust around the sprocket bolt again.
Poor work - Me.
The 'O' ring was being squashed.
Replaced it again.

Amazing proactive maintenance before the Salar Uyuni.
12 Sep Chain - broke because the connecting link fell off. 39,000 Wear and tear.
Circlip eventually falls off.
Bodged twice, then replaced by DID Gold X ring chain with no circlip.
11 Aug Exhaust bracket bolts - disappeared. 33,000 Vibration and no Loctite Loctited replacements.
10 Aug Engine -
Starter motor failure.
32,000 Poor work - others.
The solonoid had been replaced in the wrong position. The feeder wires were touching the side panel. Vibration had snapped off the feed wires.
Rotated the solonoid so the feed wires did not contact anything.
9 Aug Front wheel bearings 33,000 Wear and tear Replaced by SKF ones.
8 Jul Funny noise eventually traced to missing and broken rollers on the chain 30,000 Wear and tear.
Original KTM chain.
Replaced with a second hand one.
7 Jul Headlights -
Lights fused.
29,000 Vibration wore through the insulation causing a short. Rotated the lamp cover 120 degrees anti clockwise so wires no longer near the frame.
6 Jun Steering - Top triple clamp cracked.
Poor work - Others.
I think this was caused by over tightening by an inexperienced mechanic.
Replaced both top and bottom triple clamps to be safe.
5 Apr Engine - Gearbox output shaft seal 'O' ring was disintegrating again.
Poor work - Me.
I installed the first one dry.
Replaced it, but this time covered in oil.
4 Feb Steering -
The steering head bearings were knackered. There was a big 'notch' in the straight ahead position.
Wear and tear.
I went too fast over thousands of Mexican speed bumps.
Moto Altavista replaced the bearings.
3 Feb Chain -
The top roller guide under the rear brake master cyclinder disappeared.
Vibration. Replaced it using lots of Locktite.
2 Nov Engine -
The gearbox output shaft seal 'O' ring failed.
Poor work - others.
It was installed dry by the factory.
Replaced 'O' ring and seal.
1 Sep Engine -
The main gearbox bearings were noisy after 1,500 miles. They had no brand name only the KTM part number.
My paranoia. Swampy replaced all the bearings that did not have a recognisable brand name. They are still noisy. Maybe it wasn't the right fix :)

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