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Oh bugger.

I have spent the last two days trying to source a pair of triple clamps and get them sent to me here in Chachapoyas , Peru.

I think it happened becasue of over tightening by a friendly dealer in Ecuador who also completely buggered my wheels by overtightening the spokes. It cost $40 to get the wheels professionally relaced.

The fact that my bike is still under warranty actually makes it more complicated as the factory have to authorise the dealers claim before they will ship the parts free of charge.

I identified seven countries to source the parts from. After many phone calls and some thirty emails I have just placed my order with Sommer's in Germany. They are extremely efficient and I have bought many parts from them over recent years.

If you have a KTM and haven't already visited their site I suggest you click here for an English translation from Google. Sommer's are the biggest KTM dealer in Europe and have lots of Zubehor (accessories) that you really need.

All have to do now is hope and wait.

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