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This is where I spent the three weeks waiting for my new parts. Abel helped me fit them and it was Dick who spotted the fault in the first place.

The delivery was a triumph for DHL:

3 days for the 10,500 km from Germany to Lima, Peru.
5 days clearing Lima Customs,
8 days for the 650 km from Lima to Chachapoyas.

Having fixed the triple clamp with Abel’s help I started to pack up the bike. As usual, I cast an eye over the bike to see if anything has fallen off. That’s when I noticed one of the bolts which secure the pannier frames was loose. It’s not unusual as the bike vibrates quite a bit so I wasn’t concerned

I tightened it up but it wouldn’t tighten. Slightly confused, I pulled it out. It had sheared off with most of the thread still in place. Luckily, Abel was still about and we in an hour he had drilled out the old piece and retapped the thread using another bolt.

That was the end of my hopes in leaving the next day. On the way back from Abel’s I noticed the speedo wasn’t working either. Isn’t there something about things always coming in threes or is that omly buses?



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