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Crating my bike:

The spaces are taken up by:

Behind the front wheel - left pannier
Under the wheel arch - right pannier
On the seat - helmet, jacket and trousers
Against the right side of my bike - front wheel

1 Place bike on centre stand.
2 Remove
- Side boxes.
- Back wheel and replace axle.
- Zip tie rear brake lever so it can't be pushed downwards.
3 Support bike under bashplate with a forklift.
4 Remove
- Front wheel and replace axle and tighten pinch bolts.
- Zip tie front brake lever so it can't be pulled in.
5 Move bike onto the crate's base.
6 Make small 'V' blocks into which the axles will rest.
- Ensure the front caliper is off the ground.
- Ensure the rear chain guard is off the ground.
7 Steady bike with blocks under the bashplate, which should be as close to the ground as possible.
8 Remove the wing mirrors and zip tie to the bike.
9 Remove the zip ties holding the electrical and clutch cables to the handlebars.
10 Remove the handlebars and zip tie them at a finer angle as possible.
Replace the yoke and tighten the four bolts up.
11 Fit one box under the front forks and the other under the rear wheel arch. If the top box was removed it too will fit under/near the rear wheel arch.
12 Remove
- Standard front mudguard and replace the bolts.
- Front fairing and replace the bolts so they won't fall out
- Tape both items to the front of the bike.
13 The wheels fit on each side of the bike.
14 Fix your penknife/Leatherman/10mm spanner etc somehwere to the bike so it/they won't get confiscated at the airport check in.


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