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I was riding across the Karoo in South Africa on my last trip and already planning the next one.

So here I am again, slightly more organised than before, with a few days to go before I set off for New York and the start of my shopping session in Greenwich and Cape Cod. If that goes really well I'll venture a bit further and head off towards Creel in Mexico for an overland biker's meeting organised by The HUBB on 1st November.

I amazed myself last time by taking eight months to get from Cape Town to Nairobi. I now wish I'd gone further and faster and not spent so much time tossing about. However, I had the most amazing time. At least once a week I'd be riding along and suddenly realise how wonderful it was to be alive.

I decided to stop when I realised I wasn't enjoying it anymore. What clinched it was that even when I saw an amazing sight, I didn't go 'Wow!' but 'Oh yeah, that's another thing I haven't seen before'. I decided to quit while I was ahead.

There's always the next one.

Jeremy Bullard
28 September 2003

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