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Update - Santiago, Chile, 25 Mar 2005

I came across a magazine with fantastic photos of dogs and thier owners.

I also include 'I' and 'J' who are sisters. One of whom's owner is my big sister. Which is she?

This is all based on genuine research as recently featured in 'The Economist' - 'Love Me Love My Dog' - Dogs and Thier Owners Do Resemble One Another'.

Tomorrow, if I wake up in time, I'll be in Easter Island.



Seen on the Road - See left and below.

OTR Chillan
Match the Dog

Paseo Tromen

Current Position


Seen on The Road    
Biking Fixing Walking
Cycling Hiking Watching
Dancing Waiting Working

Selected Disasters    
Dramatic Reconstruction    
I Lost my Helmet Room Service P's Hit & Run
I Lost my Wallet Spec Problem Advanced Driving Skills
I Lost my ATM Card T Shirt Strainer My Bike's Been Stolen

Best Biking Roads    
Americas   Southern Africa
Chile - Carretera Austral   Kenya - Isiolo to Moyale
Brazil - Santos to Rio de Janiero   Uganda - Masaka to Bwindi NP
Peru - Chachapoyas to Cajamarca   Malawi - Blantyre to Mt Mulanje
Mexico - Durango to Mazatlan   Zim - Birchenough Bridge to Umtali
Mexico - Creel to Batopilas   South Africa - Sani Pass to Ixopo
USA - Suches, Georgia    
USA - Blue Ridge Parkway    

Evolution of the Tourist

Just before my trip to the Galapagos Islands I developed a guide to identify the different Species of Tourist.

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