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I've always wanted to ride around Africa. I decided it's better just to do it rather than end up wishing I'd always done it.

Any vague thoughts of of creating a web site before I left fell away because there was too much to do, including preparing the bike, to have any time available.

The opportunity only arose because my bike has gone wrong. It supposedly ran a bearing in Maun, Botswana. So I am staying with my sister in Cape Town waiting for it to be repaired. The bike is in Pretoria.

I've created this site to show the intended route and the photos I've taken so far. I also hope to record some of the more amusing elements of my trip.

This is therefore a quick and dirty site and I apologise for the errors and bits that don't work.  

I will try to update it as I go.

Jeremy Bullard
Cape Town, 27 July 2002
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